Ref: 42222ADM_1650632663

AWS Solutions Architect - 100% Remote - 190K

USA, District of Columbia

Job description

AWS Solutions Architect - 100% Remote - 190K



* At least 10 years of hands on technical delivery experience (e.g. developer, engineer, technical lead or architect roles).
* At least 5 years of experience designing, building and deploying production applications in an AWS cloud environment
* At least 5 years experience delivering technical solutions using an Agile delivery model, working within frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS etc.
* At least 5 years experience working in a DevOps or DevSecOps environment, with knowledge of both cultural and technical implementation guidelines
* Experience in modern web architectures and development paradigms t including serverless, event driven systems, and asynchronous, parallel, and non-blocking programming techniques
* Experience using git-based workflow tools and concepts (GitHub, Branching, Pull Requests or similar) in a multi team, multi repository setting
* Experience with implementing Continuous Delivery tools like Jenkins, Codeship, TeamCity, Vagrant, Puppet, Chef, TravisCI, GoCD or similar.
* Experience writing automated tests across all levels of the testing pyramid while promoting a test first team culture.
* Experience working at all levels of an application, from front/back end to database and infrastructure.
* Experience building applications that include modern data pipelines and techniques, including knowledge of ML implementations.