Ref: 4112021_1636051358

Bioinformatics Engineer

USA, New York

  • Negotiable
  • Engineer Role
  • Skills: Bioinformatics Engineer, R, Python, HPC, Docker, NGS, SQL, Java
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

Bioinformatics Engineer


Job Summary

We are seeking a talented Bioinformatics Engineer with strong programming skills to tackle challenging bioinformatics and computational biology problems. Strong writing and presentation skills are also a necessity for communication and documentation of analyses. The successful candidate will work collaboratively with research groups, analyzing data with existing pipelines and building new pipelines


* Developing and maintaining in-house production pipelines for analyzing high-throughput NGS data: bulk/single-cell RNA-seq, WGS/WES, ATAC-seq, CITE-seq, cyTOF, etc.
* Optimizing and engineering internal pipelines to be scalable, highly parameterizable, and production-ready by using workflow languages.
* Leveraging cloud computing platforms for data management and data transfer across multiple platforms.
* Designing interactive dashboards to summarize results from pipelines for end users.
* Collaborating with research scientists and data scientists to understand analytical and informatics needs.
* Presenting findings to a large cross-functional team and/or the outside stakeholders to drive business decisions.
* Being a key member of the data science team, building our infrastructure from the ground up.


* Proficiency working in Unix/Linux operating systems required; Cloud, and/or HPC environment preferred
* 2+ years of working experience, either in an academic setting or, preferably, a corporate setting
* Experience analyzing RNA-seq data
* 2+ years of Next-Generation Sequencing or cancer genetics experience
* Experience with Docker