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Cloud Native & Solutions Architect


Job description

Cloud Native & Solutions Architect


Job Description

Role & Responsibilities

* you will have the opportunity to provide consulting and training by accompanying companies
Enterprise customers in the path of infrastructure and application modernisation
in the implementation of automation, security and technology scouting solutions.
* management skills of Enterprise customers to identify the possibility of developing new projects.

Skills & Qualifications

* Proven experience of at least two years, in the management and implementation of multiple projects in the Cloud Native environment
* Linux system expertise
* Knowledge of major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google)
* Knowledge of container technologies, including Docker, Swarm and Kubernetes
* Knowledge of infrastructure-as-code tools, including Terraform and Ansible
* Mother Tongue Italian and excellent knowledge of English language are required. Knowledge of German and/or French is a plus.
* Residence in Switzerland, or alternatively in the border area with Ticino, is required


* develop and consolidate practical and concrete skills
* collaborating within a cohesive team
* Stimulating work environment
* participate in events of international importance as a spectator or speaker