A Tenth Revolution Group Company

Ref: 300623ASE_1688136014

Senior Application Security Engineer

Republic of Ireland, Dublin

  • €60,000 to €80,000 EUR
  • Engineer Role
  • Skills: AWS, Code, Security
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Senior Application Security Engineer


Senior Application Security Engineer

Dublin, Ireland

We are looking for a Senior Application Security Engineer, to be an integral part of our information security organisation, and to work with our product and development teams, and third parties, to ensure that secure application design and testing techniques are appropriately applied at all stages of the development lifecycle.


You Have:


* Extensive application security engineering experience, with a specific focus on web application security
* Development / scripting / platforms skills and experience, such as Python, JavaScript, .NET, GitLab, Docker and Jenkins
* A good understanding of network and web related protocols
* Experience in identifying security issues through code review
* Familiarity and ability to explain common security flaws and ways to address them
* Familiarity with common security libraries and tools, such as developer security platforms, static analysis tools and penetration testing tools