Ref: 25/03/2022_1650963584

NLP Specialist

England, London

Job description

NLP Specialist


NLP Engineer | Outside IR35

Looking to solve challenging text analytics problems, collaborate with a small team of machine learning and NLP data scientists, deliver real-world solutions with immediate business impact, and expand your experience working with the latest technologies -- all while having freedom to explore? This is the place.We are seeking a dedicated, creative problem solver, ready to tackle hard natural language processing problems using machine learning, text analytics, and related data techniques. We support a collaborative and open work environment that rewards personal initiative as well as team effort.


* Analyze and decompose NLP problems into tractable components.
* Lead a small team of ML Engineers (up to 3), providing guidance on their sub projects.
* Design models, preprocessing steps, experiments, and evaluations to solve your problems.
* Utilize a full spectrum of techniques, from regular expressions to neural nets, to solve challenges.
* Deploy the resulting models to a production environment.
* Contribute to a collaborative team of ML and data science professionals.
* Support continuous improvement of the models over the full model life cycle.
* Develop prototypes, proof of concepts, algorithms, predictive models, and custom analysis.


* Technical leadership of a small team of ML engineers or data scientists.
* Solving real-world (non-academic) machine learning problems.
* Focus in text analytics & NLP.
* Dealing with & cleaning noisy human judgements.
* Model evaluation and experimental methodology.
* Standardizing machine predictions for production use Toolkit/Lang experience: Python, TensorFlow / Keras, Spacy, SKlearn, word2vec, NLTK, Apache Spark.
* Other experience: AWS EC2, S3 & SageMaker, MySQL, Boto, Jupyter