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DevOps Engineer - Syddanmark


Job description

DevOps Engineer - Syddanmark


DevOps Engineer - Syddanmark

My client is a leading utilities company that is building a brand news operations team at the heart of their state of the art data platform offering. They're looking for experienced and ambitious professionals with a DevOps mindset to be the cornerstone of this new team.

In this role you would be responsible for services delivered to thousands of users nationwide. This is a truly unique opportunity to impact a huge amount of people while maintaining your work/life balance. You'd be working with the most cutting edge technology, and helping implement new solutions to clients.

What you need:

* Danish speaking
* DevOps experience

* Infrastructure as Code experience
* CI/CD experience
* Containerised systems with tools like Kubernetes or Docker
* Experience with configurations tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible or Terraform

* Cloud experience:

* Azure, AWS or GCP

* Linux experience
* Including Ubuntu or Red Hat
* Scripting with Bash or Shell
* A background in open source development:

* Python; Java; PHP etc

Reasons to apply:

* This team is part of a healthy, growing scale-up, with a great deal of freedom and flexibility
* Sink your teeth into a project you can take full ownership of, taking it all the way from initial inception to delivery.
* Tailor-made career progression paths, designed to meet your strengths and ambitions
* State of the art office facilities with up to date technologies
* The client is open to remote work, offering extreme flexibility
* Truly see the impact of your work at a business level
* Be part of a company that values upskilling it's talent

If you would be a good fit for this role please send an updated CV to, or contact Jake Evans on +4589888257