Ref: 18/05/2022CW_1652832576

Splunk Engineer

Australia, Victoria

Job description

Splunk Engineer


The Opportunity

This exciting role will be part of an innovative and progressive team that specialises in converting payments by invigorating current platforms, processes and technology and driving the organisation forward through delivery of reusable end-to-end services.

The Splunk Engineer will drive high-quality performance delivery in Splunk deployment and frameworks and foster a positive and cohesive growth oriented culture.

Key responsibilities:

* Undertake the delivery operations of systems and services.
* Maintain an understanding of Splunk development technologies, practices and patterns and deploy them accordingly.
* Monitor and maintain accessibility and well-being of our Splunk services and platform.
* Effectively manage incidents/issues/defects, refine and resolve systemic issues while upholding stakeholder expectations.
* Lead and mentor other engineers in your team.
* Maintain a thorough knowledge of Splunk dashboards and alert creation.
* Deliver constant provision for Splunk platforms through incident management, troubleshooting for service recovery, etc.

You will have demonstrated experience working in the following areas:

* Software engineering and security standards through the following practices: designing, writing, testing and re-factoring.
* On-boarding of any applications in Splunk involving log ingestion, database query and advancement of transaction stitching through key field extraction, look-up, macros and saved searches.
* Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence) and Splunk data ingestion patterns such as HEC, UF, JMS-MQ, etc.
* Splunk infrastructure components including Cluster Master, indexer, universal forwarder, heavy forwarder, etc.
* MongoDB, Elastic Search and New Relic.
* Programming skills in CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python and Regex expressions.
* Integration and Deployment tools including GIT, BitBucket, Bamboo, Artifactory and Ansible.

For enquiries regarding the role, please contact Christopher Wong, Cybersecurity Recruitment Consultant on (03) 9088 3712 or by email