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Golang Developer / Helping to Develop a Sustainable World!


Job description

Golang Developer / Helping to Develop a Sustainable World!


Have you ever been curious as to how as a society we will be able to transition from traditional power sources to one of sustainable renewable choices?

I'm currently working with an incredibly well financed startup that is currently in stealth mode, and looking to innovate in one of the last areas of the Energy Sector to see innovation - a renewable's focused energy grid.

They are looking to hire Senior Engineers, to build an all-new solution utilising Cloud computing, MQTT/IoT technologies to begin paving the way to the creation of a fully renewables-based energy grid.

Through this IoT technology, complex data pipelines and scalable, innovative backend solutions my client is building a platform to tackle sustainable energy problems, allowing for robust energy stores to be integrated into renewable power grids, limiting the impact of natural fluctuations and allowing for this power to be used reliably across society.

They are looking for Golang engineers to join their growing team. You will be working with the following:

- Golang

- Modern Cloud Infrastructure

If you have any questions about this role please feel free to reach out and I will be in touch.