Ref: 14042021FP_1618416744

AWS - Senior Fullstack Developer - SAAS Solution

Republic of Ireland, Dublin

  • 80000 to 90000 EUR
  • DevOps Role
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

AWS - Senior Fullstack Developer - SAAS Solution


Full-Stack Developer

AWS Project

SAAS Business Solution

Company background: This company are a rapidly growing prop-tech SaaS business based which is fully funded with a strong management team, a clear product vision, strategy and product design principles.

Having achieved a product-market fit, they have secured deals with major customers and is entering two new markets. So as expected, they are now looking to scale up their product and engineering teams who are already delivering really well!

The person: For this client, we are looking for a special person; an ambitious team player, an outcome oriented person. A great solutions engineer who wishes to deliver excellent products, a person who understands that we can grow sustainably if their customers value their products. A person who is genuinely excited to add joy home moves for their customers. A person with the integrity, pride in their work, ambition, capability and work ethic to take on more and more responsibility to facilitate the continued growth of their product / engineers team(s) and business

This person will be hands-on; working closely with their product and marketing functions to design and develop products that achieve the desired outcomes. This client need a great developer who can become a great leader. So this person must be willing to work very hard and develop themselves and this business in the following ways:

* Delivery: Rapidly, reliably, consistently deliver quality products to the market…balancing technical debt
* Architecture: Ensure their architecture can deliver the functionality, scalability, reliability, security and performance needed to compete
* Discovery: Ensure the engineering team actively participate (and drive) the product discovery processes including planning, prototyping and testing
* Evangelism: Internal and external constant evangelism for their products and the engineering / product teams

The person should know their way around cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), who will drive technical design decisions, while working closely with counterparts in Product and Business Development, has proven problem-solving skills and has demonstrable experience implementing end-to-end solutions.

The ideal candidate for this position is an experienced, hands-on software engineer who is excited by working on cloud-scale software, with a proven track record of architecting and building reliable software using cloud technologies. We are looking for a candidate who also has the technical agility to analyze requirements and identify the most suitable technologies to deliver efficient and reliable solutions in an agile development environment. Cloud-based AWS solutions environments experience is essential for this role.

Job Responsibilities

* Build applications for the cloud and deploy them in AWS. The successful candidate will have hands-on experience with AWS tools, deployment, and management services and will be able to identify and define technical requirements for an AWS-based cloud solutions environment

* Design predictable resource-oriented APIs using standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs and unify disparate backends into cohesive and secure public APIs

* Technical ownership of deliverable, taking the lead on optimal architecture design strategies, providing reliable estimates for work to business stakeholders, and proposing suitable solutions to maximize stakeholder satisfaction

* Gathering of business and product requirements, contributing to the solution and technical design, test plan designs, providing code review feedback, and coordination of development and testing tasks with internal teams

* Experience in DevOps, setting up and running infrastructure, and CI/CD pipeline deployment within or outside Salesforce environment using standard Salesforce tools (Preferred competency)

Minimum Requirement

* Development experience on the AWS platform, with experience in architecture design, development and debugging

* Experience in building and documenting public APIs in a SaaS delivery model at scale

* Strong analytical problem-solving and debugging skills. Proactive, organized, responsible and proven ability to work well within a team as a senior developer

* Excellent communicator with a customer-centric mindset and a willingness to mentor others

Preferred Skills

* Experience designing and developing applications on the AWS platform

* Working understanding of Agile development methodologies

* Exposure to source control tools like GitHub and build/CI tools like Maven, Bamboo, and Jenkins/Hudson

* Familiarity with the AWS platform, and strong knowledge of scripting languages (e.g. JavaScript, PHP)