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Junior Cloud System Admin (AWS, Network, Infra)


Job description

Junior Cloud System Admin (AWS, Network, Infra)



* Providing Cloud Service support on multiple networks for payload, software, guidance, avionics and navigational engineering teams
* Provide Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 support
* Recommend, collect, and report Cloud Management Infrastructure performance metrics
* Good Knowledge of Release management and JSON
* Provide snapshots and audit data
* Integrate new releases and features into the Cloud environment
* Familiar with NIST, ISO27001:2022 and CUI frameworks.
* Manage cloud infrastructure security by deploying, managing, and monitoring traditional and web application firewalls, IDS / IPS systems, and security gateways.
* Manage cloud infrastructure networking.
* Deploy software releases and patches.
* Set up and maintain monitoring infrastructure.
* Monitor the cloud infrastructure health on an ongoing basis using tools like Splunk, Grafana, and Opsgenie
* Create and manage periodic backups.
* Automate routine tasks using automation tools and / or scripts.
* Manage cloud infrastructure costs; suggest ways to optimize costs.
* Proactively identify and recommend monitoring and security tools to deploy.
* Control access to infrastructure systems using Azure.
* Maintain process documentation in Confluence.
* Manage projects and upgrades through JIRA
* Work directly with AWS in US and Japan, travel may be required.


* Prior experience with Azure or AWS cloud deployment & management required
* scripting expertise required and experience with GITLAB or Bitbucket.
* Experience with Windows, Linux / Unix, Lambda administration required.
* Understanding of IP networking required
* Knowledge of monitoring tools, and an understanding of how to act on monitoring logs required.
* Experience with Docker containerization required.
* Knowledge of at least one orchestration system such as Kubernetes, OpenShift, etc. required.
* Prior experience managing role-based access control required.
* Knowledge system maintenance like back-up, recovery, etc. desired
* Japanese and English verbal and written English language skills.
* Ability to collaborate with teams in Japan, US, and Europe