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Bioinformatics Engineer

USA, California

Job description

Bioinformatics Engineer


Job Description

- Our mission is to solve a major bottleneck in the field of immunotherapy - the identification of novel targets for the treatment of solid tumors in broad patient populations. Our immune-response guided target ID approach allows us to identify the most prevalent targets and pharmacologically active TCRs in patients with a productive immune response following CPI treatment.

Role & Responsibilities

* Develop, deploy, and maintain data infrastructures capable of processing data related to next-generation sequencing (exome, RNA, targeted libraries) and storing in relational databases for ease of use by data scientists and computational biologists
* Develop, deploy, and maintain a user interface made available to computationalists and experimentalists to analyse and visualise data
* 3) Work with computationalists to improve the time efficiency and maltreating of algorithms to be run in high-performance computing environments
* Automate computational pipelines using AWS Nextflow
* Manage consultants to aid in bioinformatics software development
* Interfacing with a team of computational and experimental biologists to aid in data infrastructure, pipeline automation, and data usability

Skills & Qualifications

* "Machine learning" experience
* NGS data
* Worked for a life sciences or biotechnology company


* Full Benefits

If you're a creative, dynamic, and out-of-the box thinker, enthusiastic about working with new technology. With and interest in the health care industry and making a difference, this job can offer you all that and more

If interested please contact me at (518) 801-8006 or email me