Ref: 0916_1631829284

Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer

USA, Massachusetts

  • 150000 to 151000 GBP
  • Engineer Role
  • Skills: 4+ years Machine Learning or Data / Pyspark / Python / AWS / Database
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer


Job Description


* Build and deploy machine learning models focused on ConcertAI's data sources including EHRs, Claims and Molecular test data
* Drive the architecture of our application and data platform, considering the team and our future product roadmap.
* Drive and uphold high engineering standards, bringing consistency to the codebases you encounter and ensuring software is adequately reviewed, tested, and integrated.
* Design and develop production-ready APIs and algorithms at scale
* Design, develop software that validates, transforms and loads patient health data from diverse sources, large scale structured and unstructured data
* Build new features for internal and external users and refactor existing ones to make them better.
* Drive optimization, testing and tooling to improve quality of solutions
* Collaborate with product, data science, and business development teams to build a data and AI platform


* 4+ years of experience developing healthcare data analytics products using the following programming languages: Python (Preferred), Java, SQL.
* 4+ years of experience building ML models and data pipelines at scale (Pyspark preferred)
* 4+ years of experience with database and SQL (AWS Redshift (Preferred), Postgres and GraphDB)
* Strong experience consuming, integrating, building and deploying third party library/Web API's into core product services
* Deep expertise in NLP and/or machine learning, deep learning using Spacy, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras
* Proficiency with microservices development, containerization, orchestration and deployment in a Linux environment is an added advantage
* Expert level knowledge of distributed computing, optimization techniques and multiprocessing design principals using Python.
* Exceptional attention to detail along with strong communication skills