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Machine Learning Engineer - up to £140k - London

England, London

  • £80,000 to £140,000 GBP
  • Data Science Role
  • Skills: Machine Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, HPC, Large Language Models, PyTorch
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Machine Learning Engineer - up to £140k - London


Machine Learning Engineer


£80k - £140k dependent on experience level

My client are a heavily funded and growing start up working on AI alignment to prevent the dangers of AI happening producing undesirable outputs and fabrications of results. AI is exciting but we need to control it to avoid catastrophic results in the future!

Our Client believe that making meaningful progress in aligning AI systems requires "contact with reality." Meaning thei research emphasises empirical results, engineering-oriented solutions, and quick iteration cycles to rapidly collect evidence. Their ML engineers build infrastructure to solve problems they encounter, and have developed a suite of tools that greatly accelerate AI safety research.

Role & Responsibilities

* Working with other alignment researchers to propose, run, analyse, and visualise experiments.
* Working on large-scale ML frameworks that train models in parallel across many machines.
* Implementing new models or optimisation techniques from research papers.
* Building large-scale datasets.
* Building internal tooling and infrastructure for model inference, visualisation, and interpretability.
* Implementing new models or techniques from research papers.
* Doing exploratory mechanistic interpretability research

Skills & Qualifications

* Experience with modern ML frameworks, ideally PyTorch
* Understanding of HPC workloads and clusters
* Experience or interested translating research into build
* Strong coder, troubleshooting
* Broad knowledge of of ML and Alignment (Computer Science, Information Theory, Statistics, Neuroscience etc)
* You are good at collaboration and teamwork - many of our projects are large engineering efforts that involve most or all of the team.
* You care about the impact of your work on the longterm future of humanity and creating safe and beneficial AI.

Apply below with your CV for more information or reach out directly to Steven Mckay on Linkedin at Jefferson Frank.