Ref: 06/11/2020OH_1604677004

PHP Developer

England, London

Job Description

PHP Developer


Job Description - Looking for a contractor to help us complete the migration of our applications to use our new big data backend. We have been migrating from a self-hosted Presto cluster to Google's BigQuery, which will provide both us and our users with significant scale and speed benefits. We collect hundreds of millions of internet performance measurements each day in our big data stores, on behalf of our clients - the largest ISPs and governments from around the world.

We are at the point where both big data platforms are live and have data flowing into them in parallel, and we now need to migrate our applications to query BigQuery before we can decommission Presto. The primary focus is our customer-facing analytics API, which underpins our primary web application.

Our backend APIs are written in modern PHP 7 with Symfony. We have already successfully migrated a small number of queries to use BigQuery, and we can now safely add additional people to the team to help speed up this migration. Completing this work quickly and to a high standard will enable us to focus all our future development efforts on a single big data platform and to retire our legacy Presto infrastructure.

Role & Responsibilities

* You're familiar with developing web-facing APIs using modern PHP
* You have extensive experience with SQL, ideally with a big data platform
* You have a proven track record of designing a plan and executing on it, delivering quality work on schedule
* You are able to work independently and solve ambiguous problems

Skills & Qualifications

* PHP 7 with Symfony for most backend APIs
* Strong Communication