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Frontend Developer


Job description

Frontend Developer


Our client develops scalable and secure digital services using cloud technology. They're a team of 20 close-knit architects, software developers, cloud experts and data engineers, as well as business multi-experts currently based in the Helsinki area. They specialise in helping companies get the full benefits of AWS solutions in their business.


Our client have full ownership for building their project and you would work with other people from the company on this SaaS service. The reason it has been developed is to give the opportunity to people to vote who can't travel or reach physical ballots. So it will increase vote counts to give a fairer reflection on the general public's vote. People isolated, sick, disabled and even the younger generations who simply are too busy to work/not interested now have access to a digital option for a traditional voting system


* more than 3 years of experience in similar positions
* strong knowledge of React, JavaScript and TypeScript
* Fluent in Finnish and English


* Extensive health insurance: In addition to normal occupational health care, they offer Extra Health Insurance, which is also valid in your free time.
* Dental care: 200 € / person per year.
* Lunch benefit: they have a lunch benefit at maximum value is an advantage that comes on top of the salary.
* Exercise and cultural advantage: Whether you play culture or exercise in your free time, they support it.
* Gadget budget: They have an extra budget that allows everyone to acquire the equipment they want to develop their skills.
* Telephone and broadband: In addition to the tools, they provide a home stand.
* Time to learn something new: With them you can use your working time to develop yourself