A Tenth Revolution Group Company

Ref: 02/11 Support eng_1698944431

Senior Support Engineer


  • Up to €5,500 EUR
  • Engineer Role
  • Skills: Java EE, SQL, Typescript, React, NextJS, NestJS, HTML, CSS, Linux containers, Kubernetes, Docker, Podman, microservices, REST APIs, GraphQL, Yarn, Git, Github, CI, CD, IaC, Terraform, Pulumi, Linux, AWS.
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Senior Support Engineer

02/11 Support eng_1698944431


* Learn and understand how their IAM products work, also on a technical level
* Analyze, reproduce and diagnose complex customer issues that may go beyond the scope of regular support. Perform root cause analysis.
* Deploy, upgrade, operate, monitor and decommission the IDaaS cloud services.
* Collaborate with members of product, engineering and sales teams to convey customer feedback, report product issues, contribute to product improvement and determine the best course of action to resolve the support requests
* Work on proactive measures to prevent future problems. Make small, required fixes (both code and documentation) in the products and/or cloud platform to make sure that the customer problems won't recur
* Communicate clearly and precisely with customers in written and verbal form
* Create and maintain detailed documentation, including FAQs, knowledge base articles, and troubleshooting guides, to help both customers and the internal support team
* Productize IDaaS service delivery. Improve cloud offerings: High Availability and Resiliency, Efficiency, Observability, and Continuous Delivery as key focus areas
* Provide guidance and training to other team members including junior members of the technical support team, assisting in their professional development and helping them build their skills

Minimum requirements for this position include (Support requirements):

* Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, and ability to handle challenging situations in a professional and operational manner (e.g. ITIL)
* 5+ years of experience troubleshooting software applications and related technology infrastructure, or equivalent
* 3+ years of experience providing direct support to external customers
* Extensive technical knowledge in the domain like
* Linux and Windows system operation experience
* Experience working with SQL databases and LDAP directories
* Experience working with web applications and networks

Minimum requirements for this position include (Development requirements):

* Knowledge with Web Application development (Java EE, Servlet or similar)
* Ability to work and communicate effectively in a development team
* Results-oriented, self-motivated, proactive and quick-learner