Ref: 008_1673547911

Infrastructure Engineer

USA, California

  • £130,000 to £180,000 GBP
  • DevOps Role
  • Skills: AWS, Go, Kubernetes, Python, Terraform
  • Level: Junior

Job description

Infrastructure Engineer


* Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related fields. 3+ years professional experience as a reliability, systems, devops, infrastructure, or platform engineer
* Expertise in Infrastructure as Code with Terraform and Amazon Web Services
* Proficiency in Python and/or Golang. Able to to write, debug, and optimize code
* Strong knowledge of Kubernetes, containerized applications, and server-less architecture
* Strong knowledge of designing, analyzing, and troubleshooting APIs services, distributed NoSQL and relational databases, caching systems, event-driven and multi-tier architectures
* Strong knowledge of task automation and CI/CD pipeline building
* Systematic problem-solving approach, coupled with effective communication skills and strong ownership
* Understanding of Unix/Linux operating systems
* Knowledge of cloud security best practices and cost-effective cloud architecture is preferred but not required