Ref: 005_1666891972

Sr Site Reliability Engineer

USA, California

  • $160,000 to $220,000 USD
  • DevOps Role
  • Skills: AWS, Go, Kubernetes
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Sr Site Reliability Engineer


* Enjoy working on small, fast-paced teams.
* Are Fluent with Kubernetes and associated containerization technologies.
* Have strong, proven experience:

* working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), having designed, built and maintained cloud platforms that run production-grade services and traffic.
* building and maintaining platforms using Terraform (or similar infrastructure as code technologies)

* Solve complex and difficult engineering problems.
* Comprehend software development design patterns.
* Preferably, have prior experience with:

* Go, Rust, Typescript, and Java.
* Building and maintaining tools and CI/CD pipelines.
* Developing Kubernetes operators.
* Capacity and load testing of distributed applications.
* Hands-on, operational performance measurement and benchmarking.
* Working independently on self-prioritized tasks.

* Are biased toward action. When you see problems, you fix them.
* Care more about building an impactful and delightful product than about using any particular technology.
* Sweat the details and take pride in your craft.
* Have excellent communication and collaboration skills, and find ways to develop empathy for your users.
* Work hours that are aligned with US timezones (UTC-8 to UTC-4).