Ref: 420BA_1651087515

Business Analyst

USA, Florida

  • Negotiable
  • Analyst Role
  • Skills: Business Analyst, Jira, AWS, Jupyter, SQL
  • Niveau: Mid-level

Description du poste

Business Analyst


We are looking for a hands-on, technology proficient, team player who can help us evaluate the success of our product offering. As a Business Analyst, you will solve how to deliver validated, actionable metrics, derived from diverse business systems. You will deliver statistical analysis on a regular basis, providing an ongoing assessment of the direction of the business unit. This position involves integrations with the company's internal and client-facing applications, as well as the data that drives them.

The ideal candidate will:
● Be able to make deductions about operational health based on patterns in the data
● Have a strong data science and analytics background.
● Demonstrate passions for accuracy and innovation
● Make themselves heard regarding important discoveries
● Self-learn new technologies and concepts.
● Work under tight deadlines.
● Take responsibility for deliverables.

● Track product KPIs and report on the success of short and long-term goals.
● Sustain professional rigor with regards to system diagrams and documentation
● Support inquiries from executives
● Maintain expertise with respect to data science and cloud billing files
● Spearhead the update of product readouts by regular weekly, monthly, quarterly deadlines.
● Constantly cycle findings into process improvement initiatives and track them for success
● Work with team leaders to obtain the necessary outcomes
● Ensure completion of acceptance criteria, especially those requiring in-depth analysis
● Prioritize agile teamwork efforts in alignment with strategic goals and objectives.

Basic Qualifications:
● Two years previous experience as an analyst.
● Two years working with numerous departments using multiple applications to obtain data
● Experience working with a growing, profitable product
● Demonstrable, standout ability to present data clearly and effectively
● Solid understanding or hands-on experience in Software development or DevOps Engineering etc.
● Intermediate skills with SQL Queries
● Intermediate skills using system APIs to obtain data
● Ability to work effectively in a cross-functional, global team.
● Excellent soft skills, inter-personal relationship abilities and working in a fast-paced environment.

Preferred Qualifications:
● Understanding of Cloud Finops.
● Recent experience navigating the security and access requirements of an enterprise
● Experience working in a startup
● Experience supporting operational or development teams
● Experience in financial, accounting, or data science industries
● Exceptional communication and presentation skills, both in English.
● Exceptional communication and presentation skills, both in Hebrew.
● Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, industrial engineering or equivalent.