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Python Software Engineer - Oslo


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Python Software Engineer - Oslo


Would you like to be part of creating a sustainable and digital future through technology?

We have a position for a software engineer doing just that!

Your work will allow data engineers, scientists, and analysts deliver meaningful insights to customers within the energy and healthcare industries, among others

The products allow companies to choose optimal strategies, make more informed decisions, and understand industry benchmarks & standards relevant to them

As part of a dedicated development team - you will work alongside talented colleagues in an agile way to build and operate various solutions

You could also be working on developing data-platforms and related infrastructure handling large volumes of data

You will be part of a cross-functional team with varied development backgrounds, and a diverse set of skills which complement each other

We are looking for you to bring some of the following skills & experiences:

* A bachelors or masters in engineering, or a related subject
* 2+ years of experience in Python (either within development or data)
* Experience with Cloud platforms
* Experience with container technology
* Understanding of devops principles and working in an agile way
* Good communication skills between colleagues and stakeholders
* A curious and driven mindset - we are working at the cutting-edge of our field, and hope you can keep up!

Why work here?

We know you care about technology - that's why we work with the latest versions, and are continually experimenting with new tools

Idea-generation is encouraged at all levels of the business, and you are encouraged to take ownership of your work & not be afraid to innovate or try something new

Working end-to-end on products and solutions which contribute towards the green transition means your creations will help us move towards a more sustainable future - the challenges can be new & complex, but with your expertise and a strong team alongside you, we overcome these together

You will be compensated fairly based on your experience, and benefit from great pension and insurances

Work-life balance is important to maintaining a healthy mindset, so we give an extra weeks' vacation per year so you can spend time more relaxing or on your interests outside of work

Flexibility in working hours and location is accommodated to ensure a balance between personal and professional life

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