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Senior IoT Engineer - Remote - $190k

USA, Illinois

  • $130,000 to $190,000 USD
  • Developer Stelle
  • Fähigkeiten: AWS / IoT / Engineer / TypeScript
  • Niveau: Senior


Senior IoT Engineer - Remote - $190k


Senior IoT Engineer - AWS & TypeScript

Remote w/ quarterly travel


My client is a leading provider of solutions for promoting healthy air, deeply committed to the belief that everyone deserves access to clean and breathable air. You will be part of a team of professionals who exhibit fervor for their work, prioritize customer needs, possess adaptability, and champion pioneering technologies and inventive ideas. With our products already making a positive impact in over 7 million households, we anticipate continued success. Embark on a breath of fresh air for your career by considering the opportunity to join our team today!

We are currently in search of an accomplished Principal Cloud Engineer. This role demands expertise in crafting the architecture, devising strategies, designing, developing, and executing large-scale cloud projects. The ideal candidate should demonstrate a firm grasp of emerging technologies, platforms, and applications, coupled with experience in IoT/consumer products. This expertise should be utilized to customize solutions, enhancing the security and efficiency of our business operations. In addition, extensive familiarity with cloud maintenance, experience in overseeing remote development teams, and advanced industry knowledge are paramount for keeping us at the forefront of innovation.

This role offers the flexibility of being either hybrid or fully remote.

In this capacity, you will:

Design, create, implement, and deploy serverless applications within the AWS ecosystem, utilizing services such as IoT Core, S3, Kinesis, and Cloudwatch. Develop and sustain AWS serverless functions (Lambdas) using Typescript, effectively integrating them with other AWS services like S3, Kinesis, and Cloudwatch. Create and uphold serverless APIs through API Gateway and Lambda, ensuring seamless integration with IoT Core, S3, Kinesis, and Cloudwatch. Realize real-time data processing and storage solutions for IoT applications employing services like IoT Core, Kinesis, and S3. Devise and execute scalable and reliable data storage solutions, employing various AWS databases like DynamoDB, Aurora, and Redshift, and seamlessly integrating them with services like S3 and Kinesis. Guarantee the security and dependability of the backend architecture by implementing suitable AWS services such as IAM, Cognito, KMS, and Cloudwatch. Monitor and troubleshoot serverless applications, leveraging AWS services like Cloudwatch, and establishing appropriate logging and error-handling mechanisms. Generate clean, testable, and maintainable Typescript code, employing pertinent design patterns and coding practices, and ensuring smooth integration with other AWS services like S3, Kinesis, and Cloudwatch. Supervise third-party vendors contracted to contribute to the project, ensuring their work aligns with the project's technical standards and timelines. Collaborate with front-end developers, UX designers, and product managers to create top-notch applications that fulfill business requirements.

To thrive in this role, a successful candidate should have:

A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field. A minimum of 3 years of experience in architecting, designing, developing, and implementing cloud solutions on AWS platforms. At least five years of experience as a backend-focused software developer utilizing AWS cloud services. Demonstrated capability in collaborating with and leading diverse offshore software development teams. Robust knowledge of AWS services, encompassing Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Aurora, Redshift, IoT Core, S3, Kinesis, and Cloudwatch. Possession of an AWS certification pertinent to the role, like AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate or AWS Certified Developer - Associate. Expertise in various areas, such as database architecture, ETL, big data, machine learning, and advanced analytics. Familiarity with the Serverless Framework and Typescript. A strong grasp of software development best practices, including version control, testing, and code reviews. Experience in designing and implementing scalable, reliable, and secure serverless architectures using services like IoT Core, S3, Kinesis, and Cloudwatch. Proficiency in Agile development methodologies. Prior involvement in commercial IoT platform projects.