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Full Stack Java Developer

Canada, Quebec


Full Stack Java Developer


We are looking for a passionate and creative Full Stack Java Developer who enjoys learning new technologies and using them in a business context. You will be involved in all stages of the product development process: from design to deployment and making constant improvements to our development infrastructure. Our product line includes both end-user applications and SDK/APIs for companies.
Our current technologies:
* Java Spring Boot Microservices
* AWS (ECS Fargate, EC2, Lambda, S3, Elasticache, …)
* MongoDB (Atlas), PostgreSQL, MySQL (AWS Aurora)
* RabbitMQ
* Keycloak
* Twilio
* Entrust PKI
Our tools:
* Dev: IntelliJ, Eclipse, Git, Maven, SonarQube
* DevOps: Jenkins, Terraform, Docker, Gitea, Nexus, Opensearch (Elasticsearch/Kibana), CloudWatch
* QA: TestRail, Robot Framework (Selenium WebDriver)
* Jira, Confluence, Slack, Zoom
To complete our Dream Team, you must have:
* Diploma of college studies or university diploma in information technology
* Minimum five years' professional experience in software development
* Methodical and organized way of working
* Enjoys solving problems by finding creative solutions
* Comfortable in a 100% French-speaking environment
* Bilingual French / English
* Enjoys talking about topics other than software development
* Holds a valid work permit (essential)
* "Full stack" experience :
o Windows and Linux servers
o Back-end (REST API)
o Front-end (HTML, Javascript, CSS)
o Messaging (RabbitMQ)
o SQL and NoSQL
* DevOps experience
* Understands the difference between a hashing function, an encryption function and a signature function
* Knows OWASP Top Ten like the back of their hand.