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Referenz: SW04/07_1688490004

Senior Frontend Developer


  • SEK 50,000 to SEK 70,000 SEK
  • Developer Stelle
  • Fähigkeiten: JavaScript, React, React-Native, AWS, Jest, Cypress, Docker
  • Niveau: Senior


Senior Frontend Developer


Frontend Developer - Global Renewable Energy Transition

Join a venture-backed SaaS provider at the forefront of the global renewable energy transition.

Contribute your frontend development skills to our cloud platform, utilised by leading renewable energy companies worldwide. Work in an agile environment, collaborating on analysis, design, implementation, testing, and code reviews.

This is a fantastic opportunity to help deliver immense value to companies that are looking to further proliferate the usage and adoption of clean, green and renewable energy sources.

Key Responsibilities:

* Engage in the full software development lifecycle; collaborating with a cross-functional team
* Collaborate with an international Engineering team working across 5 companies
* Utilise your expertise in frontend development for web and mobile-based frontend solutions
* Contribute to unit testing, while exploring CI/CD pipelines, AWS, Docker, and REST APIs.

Key Requirements:

* 5+ years of frontend development experience
* Strong knowledge of JavaScript - especially with React, React-Native
* Familiarity with unit testing, CI/CD pipelines, AWS, Docker, and REST APIs.

Join a rapidly expanding company with a global impact, where your contribution drives meaningful change. Enjoy an empowering work environment, international collaboration, competitive compensation, work-life balance, and professional development opportunities. Take the next step in your career!