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Mobile Application Developer - Oulu



Mobile Application Developer - Oulu


About The Client

Out Client a global software company, trusted by industry leaders and over 1.5 million developers worldwide to create applications and smart devices that users love. They help our customers to increase productivity through the entire product development lifecycle - from UI design and software development to quality management and deployment.

Roles in general

* Develop client framework and its Android parts.
* You will work on the world's leading cross-platform C++ framework, where you will contribute to developing solutions that make life easy for application developers on a multitude of platforms, from embedded to desktop and mobile.
* If the candidate is working more on the tooling side: maintain, improve, and refactor code.

Mobile role

* You may do either one or all and either all or some phases of each: fixing (root cause, fix, test update, document update (if needed)) bugs from Qt framework that appear on Android devices.
* Implement support for new features (design, implement, test, update documents, blog post) that provide C++ or QML APIs to Qt framework by using via JNI the Android OS Java APIs.
* Re-factor (same as features) Qt for Android platform abstraction so-called QPA Android from Qt framework.
* Code is mostly C++, with Java and some QML.
* Potential testing with Python.
* You will mostly be working on host devices such as Windows, Linux, and macOS but also with different Android manufacturer's devices.
* Technologies you use from Android with different versions are SDK, NDK, JDK, Gradle, Ninja, ADB.
* Some of the bugs and features come from commercial customers, some from the open-source community, and some internally. You will interact with these parties indirectly or directly.
* You will work for the Android part of the same named technical project, interacting with teams and other stakeholders, such as the Product Manager.