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Junior DevOps Engineer

England, Tyne and Wear

  • 28000 to 45000 GBP
  • DevOps Stelle
  • Fähigkeiten: AWS, Terraform, Jenkins, Kubernetes
  • Niveau: Junior


Junior DevOps Engineer


Associate DevOps Engineer - Up to £45,000

Fully Remote

Role & Responsibilities

The promotion of a DevOps culture and adoption of CI/CD principles throughout the organisation.

Get to know the development team's world (source control, builds, backlogs, sprints, Agile etc) but also to bring the development team closer to the operational team's world (Infrastructure, OS, security, scripting, monitoring etc).

Ensure that any key non-functional requirements around availability, security and performance are met before any product is made available to customers.

Skills & Qualifications

AWS / Azure

Terraform, CDK

Kubernetes, EKS



Opportunity to buy / sell holidays

Work from home


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