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Senior Data Engineer - Digital Marketing Company- Lux

Luxembourg, Luxembourg (Canton)


Senior Data Engineer - Digital Marketing Company- Lux



Digital Marketing Company


Mission and work environment:

You will be responsible for client analysis and reporting, as well as internal analysis and reporting to improve their decision-making. You will be responsible for the development of client reports and data analysis.

In detail, you will be asked to :

* Analyze client's data and ensure its integrity
* Develop analysis tools to identify incomplete or inaccurate data
* Develop customer interfaces to present data in a visual way that is easily understood by the customer
* Develop internal reports to visually highlight data and facilitate analysis and decision making
* Maintain and improve existing data analysis and reporting tools

Must have:

* Knowledge of Python and Machine Learning algorithms
* Experience with MS SQL Server and/or PostgreSQL and/or similar platforms
* Knowledge of Talend, Microsoft SSIS/SSAS, AWS Redshift, or equivalent

Nice to have:

* Knowledge of Excel
* Experience in a development team
* Knowledge of modeling and maintenance of reporting systems such as PowerBI.
* Knowledge of cloud environments (Amazon AWS, Azure, Google cloud)

Contact: If you recognize yourself in this profile don't hesitate to contact me at or at: +32 78 48 45 95