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Backend Engineer

USA, New York


Backend Engineer


This company is revolutionizing the digital publishing realm, and we want you to be part of it. Their comprehensive publisher technology is the driving force behind automated solutions that target ad delivery, optimize revenue, create premium inventory, and offer robust benchmark and health check reporting.

Job Description

As a key player on this team, you'll oversee the technical aspects of their cutting-edge products. Dive into JavaScript libraries, Node applications, React dashboards, and internal APIs. They thrive on a Kanban methodology, fostering close collaboration with client teams to create innovative products and features. They're proud of our dedication to building most components from scratch to ensure efficiency and to avoid tooling and library bloat

Sills & Qualifications

* Seven to ten years of building frontend and backend projects from start to finish. This includes designing the feature requirements, testing and monitoring plans, and devops for all server environments.
* Javascript (React and Node)
* Docker
* PHP experience is a plus