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Open Application - Finland



Open Application - Finland


Regardless of the time of year our clients are always looking for the best in class.

If you are looking to advance your career, whether that means more responsibility, a salary increase, improved career and professional development, or something else, I'm confident that I have the job for you!

Some of the roles that we are currently hiring for are:

- Full Stack Developer - Java, Angular, React, Javascript, Typescript, AWS

- Java Developer

- SRE / DevOps Engineer - AWS

- Senior Data Engineer - Python, SQL, AWS, pulumi

- Data Architect - AWS, ETL/ELT, DataLakes, Data Analytics, Data Modelling, Data Warehousing, Cloud Infrastructure

- Mobile Application Developer - C++, Android, Java

- Front End Lead - Javascript/Typescript, React, Nodejs, AWS

- Senior Software Engineer - Typescript, React, Next, Nest, AWS

- Software Architect - Java, Angular, AWS, DevOps Practices

These roles over a wide variety of possibilities, and depending on the candidate, you could earn anything from 4000-8000EUR per month for the exceptionally talented and experienced professionals!

To find out more information, please get in touch!