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Senior MLOps Data Engineer - Helsinki - Hybrid Remote



Senior MLOps Data Engineer - Helsinki - Hybrid Remote


About the role

The person should be based in the Helsinki Capital region or be able to come to the office in Helsinki when work requires - at least bi-weekly.

- individual must like/have project management experience person should be able to hold the strings of the project and understand need to prioritize things and that can understand the whole picture, someone with project management experience would be brilliant but understand if they don't, need to have had experience with other leadership responsibilities similar to this

* The team has 3 data scientists and will have 2 data/mlops engineers. There are growth plans for this team but they are not concrete at this point.
* - We are looking for a senior developer who would take strong ownership over our data, ml pipelines, and infra. No people leader experience is required but architect-level expertise, great coding skills, and high degree of ownership/accountability owner the systems they are responsible for.

- 5+ years' experience main priority is Python, SQL, AWS, pulumi

To bring strong expertise and know-how about data architecture and MLOps engineering to the team and become the go-to person for data architecture issues. Reinforce company technical project management capabilities by being able effectively coordinate project development across the data stack.


* Start contributing as an individual contributor from the start (second/third week of work) on data pipelines and machine learning productization.
* Have an understanding of the company's business domain and application-specific features after 4 months working here
* Being able to effectively lead a project and coordinate technical work across the whole application stack and effectively communicate with the product team after 6 months with the company.


* Python
* pulumi

Other skills:

* Great communication skills both with technical and non-technical stakeholders
* Experience from at least two projects setting up data and / or machine learning infrastructure

Personality traits:

* Getting things done, looking for a way, not excuses. Willing to go the extra mile when needed.
* High level of ambition, interest in growing professionally, and advancing career.
* Self-leadership: ability to make choices about what to work on, and distinguish between when to move fast vs. when to be diligent.
* Holistic thinker - he/she looks for the bigger picture and strives to understand what the customers and the business need.

Communication is very important. English language level should be sufficient to effectively communicate (understanding what is asked/said, clear response).

Drive/ambition - they are looking for people with a growth mindset, who want to develop professionally and climb the career ladder, willing to go the extra mile and push the business forward.

These things above are crucial for them.