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Master Data Management Specialist - Tampere



Master Data Management Specialist - Tampere


A growing company based in Tampere specializes in Software Development, Software Testing, and Master Data Management. Their commitment to quality is paramount, making them a valuable partner for their clients. They possess extensive experience collaborating with global industrial firms and small to medium-sized enterprises. Their services encompass designing and implementing software solutions, including embedded systems and system-level software. Additionally, they excel in assisting clients in navigating the complexities of software testing and training internal testing experts.

They are looking to grow their internal teams and overall headcount, with the initial focus being on Master Data Management and everything within that realm.

Although there is a lot of information to take in below, it is not a concrete requirement to have them all.

Regarding Master Data Management, they prioritize expanding this area to support existing project demands. Their aim is to diversify their offerings in Master Data Management, thereby growing their workforce and enhancing their business.

Key skills and experience requirements in this domain include:

1. **Master Data Repository**: Utilizing centralized storage for master data records, ensuring a single source of truth for the organization. Databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL are commonly employed.

2. **Data Integration Tools**: Facilitating the extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of master data from various source systems into the MDM repository. Notable tools include Informatica, Talend, and Microsoft SSIS.

3. **Data Quality Tools**: Ensuring data accuracy, consistency, and completeness, and identifying and addressing data quality issues. Examples encompass Informatica Data Quality, IBM InfoSphere QualityStage, and Talend Data Quality.

4. **Data Governance Tools**: Enabling the establishment and enforcement of data governance policies, rules, and standards, thus maintaining data integrity and compliance. Noteworthy options include Collibra, Informatica Axon, and Talend Data Governance.

5. **Data Matching and Deduplication Tools**: Identifying and eliminating duplicate records within the master data repository. Tools like IBM InfoSphere MDM and Informatica MDM often include deduplication capabilities.

6. **Data Profiling Tools**: Analyzing data to discover its characteristics, anomalies, and relationships. Profiling tools aid organizations in comprehending their data and making informed decisions about data quality enhancements.

7. **Data Security and Access Control Tools**: Guaranteeing that only authorized users access sensitive master data, often employing role-based access control and encryption solutions.

8. **Data Mastering Tools**: Assisting in creating a consolidated view of master data by merging, matching, and cleansing data from diverse sources. Informatica MDM, SAP Master Data Governance, and Talend MDM are exemplary choices.

9. **Data Governance Frameworks**: Some organizations adopt frameworks like Data Governance Maturity Models (e.g., DAMA-DMBOK) to guide their MDM efforts and best practices.

10. **Metadata Management Tools**: Managing metadata related to master data, including data lineage, data definitions, and data relationships, enhancing understanding of context and usage.

11. **Data Stewardship Tools**: Supporting data stewardship processes with user-friendly interfaces for data stewards to review, validate, and resolve data issues.

12. **Master Data Quality Dashboards and Reporting**: Creating dashboards and reports to monitor master data quality and health, offering insights into data quality metrics and governance policy compliance.

13. **Workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) Tools**: Automating data governance processes and workflows, including data approvals and change requests.

14. **Version Control and Audit Trail Tools**: Tracking changes made to master data records over time, ensuring historical data maintenance and compliance with regulatory requirements.

15. **Data Governance Council and Collaboration Tools**: Platforms facilitating collaboration and communication among data stewards, data owners, and other stakeholders engaged in MDM governance.