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Lead Engineer

England, London


Lead Engineer


As a Lead Engineer you will work as part of a new team who are tasked with designing, building and operating a new DNS Resolver platform which will be critical infrastructure supporting the core of the internet globally. This platform running on private cloud will be the cornerstone of our DNS operations and will be responsible for powering our prestigious UK registry, our cyber security product Protective PDNS and more.

Job Responsibilities

* As a Lead Engineer you'll define and lead complex work both within the Edge Platform team and across other multi disciplinary teams.
* You'll partner closely with the DNS and Network complicated subsystem teams to ensure the Edge Platform follows best practice and patterns.
* You'll be a representative for the Edge Platform team on our Architecture forums. We see Architecture as a team sport but you'll help to coordinate it.
* Our Edge Platform will be built on Private Cloud. Your experience and advanced Linux knowledge will help us build an efficient platform that squeezes every bit of performance out of the servers the platform runs on.
* As one of our more senior engineers you'll be a role model for other engineers across the wider Technology team
* The Lead Engineer will support the Engineering Manager to partner with the Product Manager to help ensure work is broken down and prioritised appropriately

Key Skills

* Experience working with DNS at scale using DNS software such as Bind, Unbound, PowerDNS or similar.
* Expert knowledge in virtualized environments with hands-on experience on Linux/KVM Hypervisors. Working knowledge of Open Stack, VMware.
* Advanced knowledge of Linux, focussed on automation and performance tuning. Able to squeeze every bit of performance out of the servers our Edge Platform is running on.
* A deep understanding of security. You know your way around Linux kernels and how to tweak them to build extremely secure environments.
* Experience with Infrastructure as Code tooling (Ansible/Terraform/Salt).
* Experience with containerisation tools such as Docker a plus.
* Knowledge for Cloud Platforms such as AWS a plus.
* Proficient in utilising enterprise-grade monitoring solutions like DataDog, CheckMK, Zabbix etc.
* Some scripting experience in languages like Python, Perl, or Bash.
* Adheres to ITIL best practices and possesses an understanding of ISO compliance.
* Basic understanding of networking fundamentals, including routing, switching, load balancing, firewalling, TCP/IP stack, subnetting, and LAN separation.
* Proficient in hardware management, including handling hardware racking, vendor coordination, and equipment replacement.

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