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Referenz: HF 20/10/23 3_1697896802

Backend developer


  • Up to €6,500 EUR
  • Engineer Stelle
  • Fähigkeiten: Backend Development, Node, Javascript, React Native, AWS
  • Niveau: Mid-level


Backend developer

HF 20/10/23 3_1697896802


We are looking for developers who can do Back end Development for our serverless AWS backend. The backend is responsible for creating and managing mobile subscriptions and SIM cards, so it must be done with the highest quality and security standards.

Our client is the brainchild of an international group of telco veterans who wanted to provide game-changing digital solutions that transform how telcos do business.

Their TelcoTech solution combines modern digital telco propositions with disruptive digital tech business capabilities in a single webscale SaaS platform, making it quick and easy for operators to on board both consumers and businesses through an app, and drive wide-scale adoption of an ecosystem of digital lifestyle offerings.

They are paving the way for telcos to play a leading role in the next generation of digital services with features that include management of Web 3.0 assets through a digital wallet and trusted digital identity credentials.

Your Responsibilities

● Developing and maintaining our Serverless AWS backend

● Contributing to the architecture of the whole solution, also outside the mobile applications

Skills You Will Need to Succeed (Learn Quickly and Master)

● Experience with backend development, preferably with Node.js

● Experience with Cloud Environments (AWS is preferred but Google or Azure experience is good as well)

● Knowledge of JavaScript (other language skills are appreciated also)

● Knowledge of front-end technologies: React Native, JavaScript

● Knowledge of AWS Lambda, API GW, DynamoDB, RDS

● Knowledge of software design, architecture, data structures and algorithms

● Writing understandable, maintainable code.

● Writing unit test cases.

● Basic Git / GitHub usage including pull request-based workflow and code reviews

● Ability to work independently