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Referenz: HF 02/08/23_1691157603

Senior Fullstack Developer


  • Up to £7,500 GBP
  • Developer Stelle
  • Fähigkeiten: Typescript, React, Python, AWS
  • Niveau: Mid-level


Senior Fullstack Developer

HF 02/08/23_1691157603

Job Description

Inward facing role, a role that requires finding requirements if needed from product team and clarify to developers, technical assistance on site for product owner then strong technical role but requires understanding of whole stack and clear understanding of architecture, good to have high level understanding what data science is but has another team that takes care of data science, not required to know specific tools to be effective but to be able to communicate with the data science conversations

- individual must like project management experience person should be able to hold the strings of the project and understand need to prioritise things and that can understand the whole picture, someone with project management experience would be brilliant but understand if they don't, need to have had experience with other leadership responsibilities similar to this

- Looking to replace the senior software developer that is leaving to join their small technical team for now however they want this individual to be exceptional as they plan to have this individual lead their own new team by next year, strong technical skills, main architect person.

- 5+ year's experience main priority is Typescript and React, important to be fluent in front end but hard requirement for them to know how back end works especially in python

Skills & Qualifications

* Typescript
* React
* Python, preferable experience with using FastAPI
* AWS - serverless stack so lambda, faregate, rds would be good


* Getting things done, looking for a way, not excuses. Willing to go the extra mile when needed.
* High level of ambition, interest in growing professionally, and advancing career.
* Lifetime learner.
* Holistic thinker - he/she looks for the bigger picture and strives to understand what Cambri customers and Cambri business need.