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Full-stack Engineer


  • 4500 to 6000 GBP
  • DevOps Stelle
  • Fähigkeiten: angular12, scala, typescript, GCP
  • Niveau: Senior


Full-stack Engineer


Fullstack Dweveloper (Scala / Angular12) - Helsinki/Remote

Our client is looking to hire 3 new Software Engineers to their Product team before the end of the year. They were founded in 2011 in Helsinki, Finland. They first started with their own ERP system and later expanded to developing their own payroll solution. After having large international investment earlier this year they now soley focus on the hardcore product development of their Payroll system.

Currently in Finland they are 100% remote.

Now they're looking to pick up the pace and get stuff done quicker. They're undergoing an organic hiring phase as they look to further strengthen their teams. Currently the Engineering team consists of Head of engineering (he is actively involved in the daily coding and is very hands-on as a leader,) 3 Coders, 1 UX Designer and 1 Product Owner.

Everyone does everything in house (from a technical point of view) and they were many hats. As a result there's great chances to further develop themselves and learn new technologies. They're open to speak with a range of candiadtes adn they also can consider more Senior Engineers who want to be involved in technical decisions/architecture choices as well as wanting more responsibilities. Recently they have done lots of frontend/visual improvements to the product and they also have planned payroll/backend formula work so hybrid profiles are the focus to hire.

They value type-safety over speedy compilation time and strive to have very high test coverage. They're very pragmatic about functional programming. They strive to use the latest versions of their choice in tools.

As a member of the team, you would be working on any part of the system as dictated by the iteration backlog. This means frontend, backend, plugins, tests, deployment tooling, etc. The payroll software has grown from a startup prototype to a fully-fledged system with solid concepts. This provides a good foundation on which to continue to iterate.


* Clean code. They prioritise an agile environment which allows them to extend instead of change and re-do.
* Scala. No prior experience with Scala required, though if they're willing to cross-train from Java/C#. They find a strict and strong type system very reassuring so a mutual interest/understanding here is key.
* Currently they use Angular 12 in the frontend. So experience here / TypeScript is needed.
* They use Akka 2.6 in the backend and also moving towards Scala 2.13 & 3.
* A Master's Degree (Computer science or equivalent) might reduce the number of years of experience needed.
* The company language is English (no Finnish required) but fluency in a professional capacity is essential.
* No Cloud providers experience is needed but they use GCP so if Engineers have worked with a public cloud this will help.


* The Head of Engineering really likes the team and has a very good/open relationship. They produce really nice clean code which he is actively involved in making it a great place for new engineers to be welcomed and embraced.
* If you enjoy producing well structured code you will love the environment they offer.
* Very flexible culture, 100% WFH.
* You can do your hours when you want (late or early) meetings scheduled are best for the team. Over time is always paid back.
* They have zero hierarchy for technical decisions/suggestions on the solutions - everyone is involved. The process is very agile and well defined but if you see room for improvement, suggestions are welcome. Very inclusive.
* A small, but efficient and effective team. The contribution of everyone is paramount and they're now dedicated to their Product.
* Extreme flexibility. They don't care too much about when or where you do your hours and they have some common meetings they encourage everyone to join, though.
* Competitive salary and benefits. Choose a laptop for either OS X or Linux.

All interviews will be held remotely on MS Teams.

For more info please get in touch on for more information.