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AWS Solution Architect



AWS Solution Architect


Are you an AWS expert?

Enjoy working with others in the office?

Well if so, our Jyvaskala Partner is hiring a Freelance AWS Architect to revolutionise cloud infrastructures for their clients.


* Previous experience as an AWS Architect or in a similar role.
* Proven expertise in designing and implementing AWS-based solutions.
* Strong knowledge of cloud architecture and best practices.
* Ability to create robust, secure, and high-performance cloud infrastructures.


* Collaborate with clients to understand their business needs and goals.
* Design and implement AWS-based solutions tailored to client requirements.
* Ensure the scalability, security, and efficiency of cloud architectures.
* Stay updated with the latest AWS services and technologies to drive innovation.

Hit Apply or reach out to me directly at j.maclean@frankgoup.com (John)