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Cloud Data Scientist

Belgium, Flemish Brabant


Cloud Data Scientist


Cloud Data Scientist
Consultancy Company
Up to 60,000 EUR + all standards benefits
3 days remote
Machelen, Flemish Region, Belgium

Role & Responsibilities

As a data science consultant, possessing a strong grasp of mathematics and statistics is essential. Proficiency in scripting languages is fundamental for daily tasks, making expertise in programming languages and software development imperative. Given the team's focus on engineering-related projects, familiarity with physics, mechanics, electronics, or related fields is highly advantageous.

- Propose innovative ways to answer complex engineering challenges
- Share knowledge on best practices in data science
- Develop and validate statistical and mathematical models
- Train and deploy machine learning models & AI

Skills & Qualifications

* Advanced degree (Master's or PhD) in applied Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or a related field.
* More than three years of experience in data science tasks.
* Strong theoretical and practical understanding of statistics
* Regression methods for testing and inference
* Understanding of associative and causal relationships
* Familiarity with Bayesian statistic
* Proficiency in programming languages such as R and Python.
Fluent in Dutch & English.

Desired technical expertise includes:

* Computer vision
* Cloud technologies, particularly Azure Microsoft
* Proficiency with Hadoop and Spark
* Knowledge of both relational and non-relational database technologies
* Experience with supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques, including classification/clustering, regression, and pattern recognition
* Competency in algorithm development and time series data analysis.


* Up to 60,000 EUR
* Company Car.
* All legal benefits included. (Health & Hospitalization insurance, pension plan)
* Meal and representation allowances.
* Yearly company bonus.
* Laptop and SIM card.