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AWS Devops Engineer, Edtech, Hybrid

England, Greater Manchester

  • £60,000 to £85,000 GBP
  • DevOps Stelle
  • Fähigkeiten: AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Linux, OS, Docker, Security, Infrastructure, CICD pipelines
  • Niveau: Senior


AWS Devops Engineer, Edtech, Hybrid


AWS DevOps, Software Engineer, EdTech, Remote/Hybrid, £65,000-£80,000

You'll be working for one of the fastest-growing Edtech businesses. You will be responsible for managing and architecting the company's future global AWS infrastructure.

You must be able to take ownership of the platform, speak to different stakeholders in the business, and lead on projects.

Skills & Qualifications

* Infrastructure as code tooling such as terraform/cloud formation
* Cloud Ops
* Scaling Groups, Load Balancers, Autoscaling
* Databases
* AWS Management Console for RDS
* AWS EC2 Management Console
* CloudWatch monitoring and alerts
* AWS storage and RDS engine types
* S3 Buckets, Load Balancing, Route 53
* AWS GuardDuty, AWS Security Hub.
* Moodle experience is desirable

This role offers a Remote or Hybrid option.

Please note: No sponsorship is provided at this time.

Send your CV to s.malik@jeffersonfrank.com and call 0191 338 7568.