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Senior DevOps Engineer

England, London


Senior DevOps Engineer


Fully Remote

12 months

£380-£420 Outside IR35

Senior DevOps Engineer

Required Skills:

* Experience leading DevOps/SRE team within AWS and cloud technologies
* Experience with LINUX, AWS & Terraform
* Transformation & migrating from hosted traditional stack to a cloud-based stack
* Leadership of the Development, Test, Operations and Release teams

Desirable skills:

* Experience leading DevOps/SRE team
* Experience in AWS and cloud technologies
* Experience applying software dev practices to infrastructure deployment
* Experience helping development teams build and deploy microservices based applications in AWS
* Experience migrating from hosted traditional stack to a cloud-based stack.
* Experience developing docker solutions in AWS: EKS, ECS
* Exposure to Packer, Terraform, Ansible,
* Experience with native AWS services like WAF, API GW, Lambda
* Experience with monitoring tools like Datadog
* Experience with Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment tools and processes
* Experience with distributed computing, cloud security, IaaS & PaaS architectures, DevOps, SRE and networking concepts
* Knowledge of J2EE, and cloud technologies development languages and tools, to continue with development
* Understanding of Identity and Access Management, user and system authentication methods and certificates, tokens and certificate management
* Strong background in Linux/Unix Systems
* Experience with setting-up highly secure infrastructures with no Single Point of Failure
* Experience working in Agile / Scrum teams
* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills Essential Criteria

Key responsibilities & duties include:

* Develop the organisational, process and metrics proposition across the infrastructure
* Ensuring that the advantages of cloud technologies are fully leveraged
* Develop clear understanding of governance and team roles and responsibilities
* Identify where our clients can leverage IT for greatest strategic impact, defining a target IT architecture that supports business requirements and reduces costs
* Setup and manage production operations ensuring environment stability and uptime
* Implement a pro-active monitoring solution
* Help optimise infrastructure cost
* Help align with the Development and DevOps team toolsets
* Work collaboratively with the Development, Test, Operations and Release team