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AI Engineer - Oslo



AI Engineer - Oslo


We are looking to grow our cloud, data and ML environment further with an AI Engineer!

What are we looking for in you?

* You should be knowledgeable about machine learning and model building, along with a critical mindset to evaluate the success of the systems you're working with
* Experience with setting up and managing AI infrastructure
* You should have a strong programming background, and proficiency in Python with some experience in SQL
* We hope you can bring experience in areas such as: data modelling, statistics, databases, and cloud

In your role you will:

* Help bring models into production and ensuring they are running efficiently and securely
* Take care of the deployment of ML models in a live environment
* Maintain an efficient and secure environment running in the Cloud
* Interact with software and data teams across the organisation

There will be opportunities to work on a range of projects across the organisation as we build a work-space in cloud, ensuring it is safe, secure and maintainable over time

You will have the support of a cross-functional team consisting of seniors in software development, data science, and engineering, along with supportive & knowledgeable management team who come from technical backgrounds

There is the opportunity to help define your own position within the team, and bring your expertise to a team that is eager to learn

There are options internally to grow your own knowledge within development, data, ML, and security - with established teams in each of these areas

For any questions, or more information, contact Lucy on l.whiting@frankgroup.com