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Python Developer / Stockholm / Fintech


  • SEK 45,000 to SEK 65,000 SEK
  • Developer Stelle
  • Fähigkeiten: Python, GCP
  • Niveau: Senior


Python Developer / Stockholm / Fintech


Are you interested in developing an industry first solution to a world-wide financial problem?

With the world increasingly moving towards the world of digital payment the need for fast, secure payment systems grows daily. In business we are currently operating in an environment in which payment delays can set back projects by days at a time (which over a long period can be quite deliberating!) - there isn't much that can be done about this due to the complexities of sending large sums of money B2B or B2C securely.

My client is developing a world leading PSD2 Open Banking solution that will allow for these delays to be a thing of the past, and for instant, open banking to be the new norm!

Founding this journey from a background of strong financial experience, the team understood the domain landscape, challenges and opportunity leading to the creation of their bank-to-bank payment system.

In this role you will work within a team of highly skilled senior developers. Your responsibilities will include designing, developing and building scalable products to a high standard. With a huge cloud focus, you will have the opportunity to work with GCP to create complex architecture, integration and migrations that support the vital growth of the team!


> Python

> GCP - BigQuery, ComputeEngine, AppEngine


> Flask or Django

If you'd like more information please reach out at a.mawson@jeffersonfrank.com or call +46 8 502 425 75 to learn more.