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Mobile Security Engineer


  • €3,500 to €4,000 EUR
  • Engineer Stelle
  • Fähigkeiten: UEM, Endpoint, Security, Wireshark, VMware, Networking
  • Niveau: Mid-level


Mobile Security Engineer


Dive deep into emergent technologies via supplier-led instructional sessions on our endorsed software ecosystems, complemented by hands-on immersion in our lab to refine your capabilities.
Subsequently, you'll share the duty of actualizing and sustaining client integrations, a role that will swiftly evolve to encompass comprehensive ownership. Broadening your prowess in contemporary workspace orchestration, we aim for you to emerge as a maestro. Engage routinely with product experts to deliberate on client integration challenges.

Your client interaction will oscillate between distant tasks and on-location enactments. Additionally, you'll serve as the enhanced support connected to your specialisation. Upholding our service calibre and contemporary work-space know-how at its pinnacle is imperative for our client base!

If you're anchored in networking and systems oversight, coupled with a vivid inclination for mobile tech and a thirst for knowledge, this role beckons you. Although centred around mobile tech (smart gadgets, tabs, Windows 10/11, and macOS systems), operations aren't executed 'on' these devices. Predominant endeavours are orchestrated at server and connectivity echelons to remotely shape and safeguard mobile technology.

* Manage global enterprise endpoint management.
* Register, set up, and fortify devices.
* Safeguard digital content.
* Distribute mobile apps.
* Ensure authentication.
* Deepen skills via supplier training's and lab practice.
* Oversee client integration's and take ownership.
* Interact with product experts about challenges.
* Switch between remote and on-site work.
* Provide specialised support.


* Networking and systems oversight experience.
* Strong in mobile tech.
* Main tasks at server and connectivity levels.


* Understand client needs for endpoint products.
* Experience in UEM solutions such as; VMware Workspace ONE, Ivanti MobileIron, Microsoft Intune.
* Familiar with Android, iOS, and UEM-guided Windows 10/11.
* Enjoy complex problem-solving.


* English and French.
* Network topology.
* Systems oversight.
* Bonus: MobileIron, Microsoft Intune, VMWare Workspace ONE.

Certifications (Desirable):

* MobileIron, MS-100, MS-101, VMWare, CMDSP, Wireshark, Linux.