• Location: USA, New York
  • Salary: US$125 - US$150 per hour + Travel Expenses
  • Technology: AWS Jobs
  • Job Type: Contract
  • Date Posted: 25th Jun, 2019
  • Reference: JF62519_1561475235

Our architects have used public cloud services for years and understand how to integrate public cloud services into developer SDLCs in ways that enhance developer productivity without creating the need for large amounts of manual operations work. We recognize though, that public cloud is still a relatively new phenomena and we value a depth of experience in application and technology infrastructure. Having an appreciation of how our industry became able to create approaches like CI/CD is as important to us as understanding how to help customers implement them.


Architects appreciates the importance of security in every part of an architecture. They ensure that effective controls can be applied to infrastructure and application code in ways that maximize the level of automation across deployment, audit and remediation.

Financial services

Much of our team has worked in financial services technology. They have created some of the applications and infrastructure that drive major payments platforms, algorithmic trading platforms, and risk and fraud management solutions.


Our architects have built and operated critical systems whose requirements for availability and recoverability are extreme. They understand how modern approaches to high availability in the public cloud interact with and can be integrated with on-premises data and applications. And they can operate at the interface between applications, application components and infrastructure to create high availability solutions that meet the needs of a business, its customers and the operations team that will look after and enhance it over time.


Perhaps most importantly, our architects also understand how to generalize what they build so we don't build a succession of snowflakes but instead create platforms that businesses can use to create the applications that will ensure their future success. We call the set of approaches we have created the modern platform. If you think you could be a part of helping us to continually enhance the modern platform and deploy the ideas it encompasses at more customers, get in touch.