• Location: England, London
  • Salary: £70000 - £80000 per annum + Benefits & Bonus
  • Technology: AWS Jobs
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Date Posted: 14th May, 2019
  • Reference: LH4922

Looking for a job can be quite stressful. Whether its hiding under the table to avoid endless recruiter calls, or trawling through the job boards trying to find a recruitment advert that doesn't contain absolute nonsense, the life of a candidate can be pretty difficult.

So I thought I'd try and craft a short and (hopefully) sweet ad that gives you an overview, whilst at the same time reassuring you that I am not the sort of technical recruiter who thinks 'apache' is in reference to an attack helicopter...

I have partnered up with a leading organisation in Central London who are looking to add an experienced Service Delivery Manager to their ranks. The company are involved in the piracy and content protection space, with a global customer base and a reputation for delivering high-quality customer service 24/7.

This role is therefore a key hire for them, representing a crucial part of their 2019 recruitment plans and sitting as one of the focal points of their client services team.

Your role will be highly customer-facing, coordinating between a range of functions including Software Engineering, IT Operations and Client Services. They are looking for a 'people-person', somebody able to engage both technical and non-technical stakeholders over a range of issues. You will be expected to hit the ground running, focusing on the end-to-end management of any issues or major incidents that arise during the course of the role.

You will be expected to act as a calming influence, responding to and dealing with 'high severity' incidents quickly and efficiently. You will be working with various technical departments, as well as managing any client relationships for some of their key accounts. The main focus of your role will be timescale management - i.e. ensuring that any and all incidents are responded to as quickly and effectively as possible, minimising the potential impact to the wider business.

In terms of the 'ideal candidate', I am going to avoid referring to a unicorn or a purple squirrel (or any other strange creature analogy) and instead focus on a couple of key areas that this organisation is expecting from any applicants:

Soft Skills - Strong interpersonal skills are absolutely crucial for this role. You should be able to demonstrate a track record of leadership and previous commercial experience as a Service Delivery Manager is therefore crucial to be considered for this position.

Technology - This organisation uses a range of technologies including .NET/Java for Application Development, Windows/Linux for their Infrastructure and SQL for their Database technologies. Moreover, there is a wide focus on Cloud technology (AWS, Azure) and standard Networking technologies. An understanding of how these technologies impact a customer-focused business is therefore crucial. However, you do not need to be a purely technical person and the idea is that you have an understanding as to how everything fits together.

Stakeholder Management - Strong skills in stakeholder management are key to this as your role will be to consistently ensure that all technical teams are engaged in ensuring incidents are kept to a minimum. The ability to engage with both technical and non-technical stakeholders is a key focus for this position - you will be expected to work with customers directly on client-site and this will involve travel so the ability to represent the ehtos/brand is therefore crucial and will be something assessed at interview.

Processes & Methodologies - An understanding of a range of methodologies and processes such as Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, DevOps and ITIL is an important facet of this role. They have a hybrid environment, blending a range of processes so a wide skillset is highly desirable.

Languages - Finally, due to the global nature of this organisation, they are ideally looking for bi-lingual candidates who can speak either German or Italian alongside English.

Ultimately, you should be a strong and pro-active communicator who brings an air of confidence to any activity that you undertake. You will be handed the keys to a pretty large car so to speak, so the ability to thrive under pressure is an absolute must!

So if you are interested in taking this further then drop me a call on 0191 338 7540 or 07943721308.

Alternatively, send me an email to l.haghighat@frgconsulting.com or send me a message on LinkedIn by searching for 'Liam Haghighat' (I am pretty easy to find!).

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